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Our Health Insurance Policies for France

EXCLUSIVE HEALTHCARE offers a range of policies designed to meet the needs of people moving to France at every stage of their move
and, as far as possible, whatever their circumstances. The plans are:
1. For people who qualify for membership of the French NHS, we have the six Top-up plans.
    They observe the French “Code de responsibilité” and dovetail perfectly with the French NHS system. Key features of these Top-up plans are:
No medical questions
No exclusion of pre-existing conditions
No age limit for joining any plan
No delay for treatment including pregnancy and childbirth
Top up to the CEAM throughout Europe included at no extra cost
All policy documents and communications are in English
For Argent and Topaz plans automatic claims settlement via Carte Vitale and Tiers Payant.
Ongoing advisory and help service, free of charge
 Next day cover upon receipt of application
     For a leaflet and full details with examples, please Click Here
     For people who qualify for membership of the French NHS, we have the six Top-up plans. Click Here
2. For immigrants to France in transit between the NHS sustems and for those who may need Longer Term Cover we propose the Platine Plans.

    The Platine Hospital policy provides cover against accident and sickness requiring hospital admission. Pre and post hospital out-patient hospital
    related treatment is covered as well (*)

    The Platine France policy covers both in-patient and out-patient treatment (*)
(Both the Platine Hospital and Platine France policies above are restricted to France only).

    The Platine Global policy, provides much enhanced guarantees and policy limits and the territorial limits cover the whole of Europe and, for 90 days
    in each year, they are extended to the rest of the world excluding America and Canada. The Platine Hospital and Platine France policies are restricted
    to France only (*)

    * subject to underwriters terms and conditions

    For a leaflet and full details please Click Here

 3. For those who live, travel or work worldwide


     For people who travel or work worldwide we offer a range of IMG© policies. These are underwritten by one of the world’s largest insurance
    For a leaflet and full details please Click Here

    We are sure that you will have many questions at this stage. Please feel free to call us and talk with one of our expert advisors who will
    be delighted to help you.
Or if you prefer, e-mail us.
4. Travel Insurance.

     Should you wish to broaden your cover when going on holiday, visiting another area or making a business trip, we can offer you a travel insurance package
     which can be tailored to meet your individual needs and, as well as extending your accident and other medical cover considerably, also protects you against
     potential travel problems including delays and cancellations, loss of your baggage and various other personal effects, as well as legal expenses and
    personal liability.

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