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How to choose a complementary (Top-up) Health Insurer

Choosing the best health insurer for your personal circumstances is not at all easy. Comparison between the various offers has always been difficult, mainly because you can never be absolutely sure of comparing like with like in such a complex area.
This is when it is essential to understand the terms and guarantees that are being offered, bearing in mind that all companies offer a range of different policies. So here are some key questions you should ask yourself:
Do you really understand a French health insurance policy and do you understand what 100%, 200% or more, means in a policy?
Will you have difficulty in dealing with complex health policies in a different language?
Will you be dealing with British staff fully dedicated to helping you in your own language, but who are also bilingual?
This is of particular importance, not only to you personally, but also to your family who may need guidance and support
through the traumatic period of an illness of someone close to them.
Do you have access to an efficient claims handling service, normally French, but backed up by British bilingual staff
to communicate with the French claims service for you?
Is there an age limit after which your choice is restricted or you may be considered uninsurable?
Is there a sustained after sales service with good advice and guidance – always in support to help you?
Is there a rapid response email and telephone help line service, without a complicated switchboard to hold you up
with music and buttons to press to find the extension you want, which is often engaged?
Are you dealing with staff who can answer your questions on UK, French and EU Social Security health matters
and how the transfer of your rights is carried out?
Have you considered the risks you run by not taking out complementary health insurance, particularly in respect of hospitalisation?
If you are finding difficulty in answering any of the above questions, please telephone any of us
and we will be glad to discuss it with you:
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