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[An EHIC provides you with any necessary medical treatment during a stay of not more than 180 days or not more than 90 days if under state retirement age, in another member state].
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  Qualifying Conditions:
To be resident in your home country and visiting another member state intending to stay for not more than 180 days or not more than 90 days if under state retirement age. If you arrive intending to stay permanently, the EHIC does not cover you at all.
  If the answer is NO because you are going to live in France, then:
2. Do I qualify for an S1 (formerly E106) ?
[The S1 (formerly E106) is no longer available. Please refer to the article on the home page "STOP PRESS"].
  As this is no longer available the answer is NO...
   For early retirees who are planning to become residents of France the SI (formerly E106) is no longer available.
  For more information and/or to dicuss your options please contact us:
  Ron on +33 (0) 546 882 2238
  Email :
Do I qualify for an S1 (formerly E109)?
  [The S1 (formerly E109) covers your family living in another member state]
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  Qualifying Conditions:
  You remain resident in your home country, living, working and paying tax and NIC.
  Note: You yourself will be able to use the EHIC for visits to another member state.
  If the S1 (formerly E109) meets your needs call the DWP and make enquiries.
  IF the answer is NO...
Do I qualify for an S1 (formerly E121)?
[The S1 (formerly E121) covers you and your dependants living in another member state by affiliation to its NHS for the rest of your and their lives or until each of one qualifies in their own right].
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Qualifying Conditions:
  To have reached official retirement age and be in receipt of a UK state retirement pension or other state pension that qualifies.
  OR to be in receipt of Long term incapacity benefit.
   If the answer is YES contact the DWP with your NI No. and make enquiries.
   If the answer is No .... go to our PRIVATE HEALTHCARE policies.
  You will need a Top-up Policy under most circumstances; CPAM does not pay the complete cost of treatment. Click Here for details
If one of these options fit you, click here to buy a policy Click Here
Tél: +33 (0) 546 882 238

Please remember to check your SPAM box for emails. If you send an email please include your telephone n°.

Useful Addresses
Department of works and pensions
Overseas Healthcare Team
Post Handling Site A
Wolverhampton WV98 2DW
Tél: 0044 (0) 191 21 81999
Fax: 0044(0) 191 21 87376
  The DWP will need your Name, NI number, and date of birth.
A helpful note
When you have selected one of the options from 1. to 4. above you should make a plan for yourself.
  Select 1. Make sure you have current EHICs for all members of your family before you leave the UK.
Please note that with the following options there may be a delay in registration and cover although this is unusual. If however it looks as though there will a delay, please contact us for a short term full cover Policy to bridge the gap. This, in effect, will be charged by the day for the number of days used.
Select 2.  S1 (formerly E106)
This is no longer available. Contact Ron on +33 (0) 546 882 238 or email him at to discuss the options available to you.
  Select 3. The S1 (formerly E109).
The spouse remaining living and working in the UK should apply to for the S1 (formerly E109) for the family members going to France. The S1 (formerly E109) should be registered with CPAM as soon as possible. Family members may be included on the Form at your request either in the UK or by CPAM in France
  Select 4. The S1 (formerly E121)
a) If it is your first selection make an application two months before you plan to leave the UK for France. It helps if you have a French address, a reasonably firm date of departure, or both. Registering it with CPAM activates the S1 (formerly E121), and this should be done as soon as possible after arriving in France.
b) If the S1 (formerly E121) is the second selection following an S1 (formerly E106) or a gap, apply to the DWP at least a month before a family member qualifies by reaching retirement age and coming into receipt of a UK state retirement pension.
Applying for the “S” Forms and the EHIC Click Here
If you have questions that you would like to discuss with us call or e-mail us. Click Here for our contact details.
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