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The French NHS Healthcare System

If you are planning a move to France one of your most important considerations is that you and your family have the best possible healthcare without interruption, from the time that you leave your mother country. Coming to France you need have no worries.
The French NHS is probably different from anything you have experienced before. It is worthy of note that it is officially rated by the World Health Organisation as one of best NHS systems in the world.
The expectation of life is longer than most other countries and serious diseases are given special treatment and financial aid. There are no medical questions, no exclusion of pre-existing conditions, no age limits, no claims deductible and no delay for urgent necessary treatment. In many countries private full cover insurance is regarded as better than the local NHS and many people consider it is necessary. In France this is definitely not the case; in comparison private full cover medical insurance hardly exists.
This is the upside, the downside is that maintaining such a high level of service is expensive and the patient is expected to pay a share of the cost. Nearly all residents of France have Top-up medical insurance that dovetails with the state system, to cover the difference between the cost of treatment and the French NHS’s reimbursement.

The cost of these Top-up policies varies, depending on the level of cover required.
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