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International Help Service for English-speaking people Worldwide

Exclusive Healthcare maintains a staff of experts whose ongoing task is to research and study the legal and practical requirements of the ever increasing number of people who are on the move with a view to visiting, studying or settling outside their mother country.
Of the latter group, one of the most popular countries is France, and being an Anglo-French company with years of experience in providing medical insurance for thousands of people either making a visit to France or arriving with the intention of residing in our country on a permanent basis, we are well placed to help both groups with all aspects of the travel, planning, relocating and settling in stages as appropriate.
There are many formalities to be observed in the process of moving from one country to another. Whilst the increasing use of internet resources has helped, it does not replace direct contact with people on the ground who are themselves residents of France and familiar with many of the issues you may face. A few minutes talk on the telephone, in your native tongue, with a knowledgeable British person living in our country can be very helpful, and reassuring.
Please do make contact with us by e-mail, call us or ask us to call you. You will be welcomed and we will give you all the help we can prior to either visiting our country or coming here to live permanently.
This service is without cost or obligation during the planning, moving and settling in periods and we will give you all possible aid and assistance.
Exclusive Healthcare International Help line
For Help and information about pre-planning before coming to France, joining the
French NHS and allied problems.
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Call our Help Service: +33 (0) 546 882 238 - or

Please remember to check your SPAM box for emails.  If you send an email please include your telephone n°.

For residents of France, as well as for all people around the world who are planning to move to our country,
we will be pleased to provide information about Top up Health Insurance, Private Insurance and Travel Insurance.
Call: France +33 (0) 494 403 145
UK  +44 (0) 121 288 1448
Skype address :  exclusivehealthcare3